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In the Licentiate in Social Sciences with specialization in the Social Doctrine of the Church we approach the pressing issues of our time with the methodological tools of sociology and anthropology.


the gist of it

Social analysis and social action as a service to the Church’s mission
Four semesters
120 ECTS
Inspired by
Catholic values
Rooted in the Jesuit tradition
of excellence and service
Situated in the center of global Catholicism

The rich body of the Church’s social teaching provides the context for the systematic exploration of important topics of various times and places applying the principles of sociological and anthropological analysis. A thorough and contextualized study of the signs of times leads to the identification of valid solutions to problems. 

The core program is enriched with courses in communication and management with the objective to prepare students for work in various Catholic offices and institutions, such as:

  • Institutes of higher education
  • Research institutes
  • Advocacy for the promotion of integral human dignity
  • Pastoral analysis and planning

The Licentiate degree enables students to assume leadership roles in social research, analysis, and action centers, for teaching in ecclesiastical faculties as well as for further studies.


Principles and development of the Catholic social teaching

Theories and practices of justice


Dignity of human person and care for creation

Development of leadership skills and sound management practices

Methods and techniques of socio-anthropology

Education for social analysis and action: project management, pedagogy