Building a multimedia studio for the university of the nations

Dear friends, dear alumni! We are excited to share with the you the latest developments – the remodelling of our studio is complete! We changed the floor plan, sound-proofed the entire block, and installed a new studio-grade air conditioning system.
Cari amici, cari benefattori, desideriamo informarvi del progresso dei lavori sul nuovo studio multimediale. I lavori di ristrutturazione sono completati, il prossimo passo sarà l’acquisto di apparecchiatura e mobili. Grazie per il vostro contino sostegno!
Next step: Furnishings and equipment. We are thankful for your continuous support 🙂

The old studio was build as a radio studio 20 years ago. Not only is it worn out, it is obsolete and has been deemed to pose a health hazard. We ask you to help us to build a new studio for the digital age. You can send your gift to the Gregorian University Foundation (please write “Multimedia studio” in the Comment box), a U.S. registered non-profit. If you wish to donate directly, or if you have equipment that you wish to contribute, please contact Fr. Peter Lah on the contact page of this site.

Shooting video at an improvised location.

You can find a brief description of our communication program, its philosophy and objectives, here.

We need €45.000 in order to completely remodel the spaces and upgrade the equipment. This sum will cover our needs for the coming 5 years. The Gregorian University has committed to covering about a quarter of the funds necessary for this project. We rely on your generosity to bring it to completion.

Thank you very much for being partner in our mission: To teach and train Catholic communicators for every corner of our world.

Why us?

We serve primarily students from Africa and Latin America, followed by Asia and Europe. The founders of the university – that is, the first generation of Jesuits in the mid 16th century and pope Gregory XIII whose name it bears – referred to it as the university of the nations. Currently our students and professors come from 120 nations.

Most students cannot afford to pay the full price of education that we provide. Your support will make it possible for them to have a positive impact in the remote areas of our world, in the midst of young nations with young churches, vibrant and rapidly growing. These are rich countries – culturally, humanely and religiously – but sometimes they lack the resources to fund a properly equipped studio where students could prepare for their future mission.

When they send their young priests, sisters and lay people to the Gregorian University in Rome, bishops and religious superiors want them to prepare for a competent service back at home: in Catholic radio stations and newspapers, as teachers of communication in seminaries or at Catholic universities, and as directors of diocesan offices of communication. There are hundreds of these small-and mid-size Catholic media and communication offices in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Your contribution will make it possible for us to prepare them for their important service in countless small but growing local Churches!

Our studio before renovation

Our needs

Refurbishing of spaces: Clearing of existing spaces, new sound proofing, new airconditioning unit and ducts, Internet and electric installations including studio lights.

  • One multimedia studio for sound and video recording
  • Two small rooms for sound and video editing

Purchasing of DLSR cameras and equipment for photography and video recording: This item includes one professional-grade camera and two entry-level cameras with accompanying accessories, such as lenses, microphones, hand-held stabilizers, ecc. (If you have used equipment in good working condition, we will take it!).

Financing of an intensive week-long multimedia production course taught by a professional video producer: This includes renting of professional video cameras for the duration of the course, and instructor’s salary. (This is a capstone experience for students where they apply knowledge and skills that they acquired in the course of the year to a realistic video production exercise.)

UPDATE January 2020: We gutted the old space and are in the process of putting up new walls, vents, and wiring! Our first fundraising drive put us in the €25,000 region including a significant committment by the international Catholic media organization! A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR BENEFACTORS AND SUPPORTERS!!