To be admitted, candidates for the Doctorate must possess a Licentiate with a grade no less than magna cum laude or its equivalent. The norms relating to the Third Cycle, in this University, are established by the Third Cycle Norms: Qualification Framework.

The Third Cycle in the Faculty of Social Sciences requires, during the first year of the Cursus ad doctoratum, attendance at two seminars of methodological preparation.
The Dean, upon indication of the Director of the dissertation, can also request attendance of some specific courses. To obtain approval of the “Argument” of the dissertation, in addition to what is established in the Third Cycle Norms, the student, having obtained the Director’s approval, must submit for the Dean’s approval a paper of at least 30 pages, including a complete bibliography. This paper will be submitted for examination by a commission of two professors appointed by the Dean, who will judge its validity.

At the end of the Third Cycle, the student, having passed all the required tests, obtains the title of Doctorate in Social Sciences.


Norms of the Student life at the Gregorian University

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