The Faculty participates in some formation programs offered by other academic departments.

In collaboration with the Centro Alberto Hurtado, the Faculty offers an intensive course that follows Jesus’ line of leadership, affirming fidelity to God and the human person, in creative dialogue with human sciences, attentive to contemporary social challenges. With the intensive Course on Leadership, which is both theoretical and practical, conscience and competency are raised, for inspired action aspiring towards the humanizing common good in religious and ecclesial life, as well as in the political, economic, and financial sphere.

The course will take place in the second semester of the academic year and will be splitted into two parts, of which each consists of the following moduls:

SO0001 Elementi formativi della Leadership (6 ECTS)
A. The leadership itself, the leadership in the church and the Ignatian leaderhsip.
B. Leadership education and the elements of leadership.
C. Practice of leadership.
SO0002 Aspetti pratici della Leadership (6 ECTS)
A.The leadership of communications.
B. Political leadership.
C. Leadership and business ethics

Sinderisi School

This is an annual formation program in the socio-economic and political sphere, reserved mostly for people under age 35, animated with an intelligent passion for civic life, structured as a series of monthly meetings for research and study, under the direction of expert teachers.
The experience is designed with an original didactic methodology, an authentic cultural laboratory that requires active involvement of all: the young are the protagonists while the teachers are called to adopt a maieutic approach which helps students to enter, with competency, the proposed themes.
The school is organized into 24 hours of laboratories dedicated to brain storming on the chosen themes of the annual program. Students continue to work individually within the dynamic of group work, in order to create an active experience of research in confronting themes together. The results of this group work come together in a scientific publication.
The meetings, 3 hours each, are monthly and are distributed across eight Saturdays, between October and May.
Course Director: Mons. Prof. Samuele Sangalli
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