The First Cycle of the Baccalaureate, which integrates elements from all the directions offered by the Faculty, confers a general and organic formation (theory and practical application) in the principle disciplines of social sciences and introduces students to scientific research in social sciences. The program of studies lasts three years and comprises prescribed courses, seminars, participation at conferences, an intensive course (totaling 162 credits) and a final test (18 credits, subdivided into: a written thesis and an oral exam).

Admission: To be admitted to the First Cycle, candidates must present a diploma which gives them the right of inscription to a higher education program in the country in which they have completed their high school studies. To be admitted as ordinary students into the second year of the baccalaureate, students must have passed all the academic activity of the first year, including written work and seminars, with an average no lower than bene probatus.

Recognition of previous studies: Students who have already completed studies in the field of Social Sciences, and intend to achieve an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences in this Faculty, may have their previously obtained credits (ECTS) recognized. It is the prerogative of the Dean to verify if they correspond with our First Cycle program.

At the end of First Cycle, students, having passed all exams of the program, must undertake the final exam (written thesis and oral exam). The thesis of the Baccalaureate must be presented to the both in print form (2 copies), and in electronic form (a copy on a CD-ROM not re-writeable), to the Registrar. The comprehensive final oral exam is based on a thesaurus, accessible online.

At the end of the First Cycle, the student, having passed all exams, is awarded the title of Baccalaureate in Social Sciences.

Propaedeutic year for students of the Second Cycle: Students who have already obtained the university title of Baccalaureate in disciplines other than Social sciences, and want to proceed to the Second Cycle, will be obliged to undertake a personalized program established by the Dean. During this time, the student acquires the necessary competency to participate in the activity of the Second Cycle in our Faculty. Such students will be admitted as extraordinary students of the Baccalaureate, and when the required exams are passed they will be accepted on to the Licentiate cycle. Typically these studies span over two semesters (one academic year).