Annalisa Pisu

Annalisa was born in Sardegna. In her childhood her family moved to Rome where she has been living ever since. She holds a degree in languages and English litterature with the specialization in bibliothecography.  “I adore books! I like them more than anything else. I could spend my time immersed into literature, dreaming, phantasizing, imagining…”. She joined the Gregorian University in 2000 as part of the office of strategic planning. Subsequently she worked in other offices and currently serves not only as secretary of the Faculty of social sciences but also as secretary of the Institute for spirituality.

Pisu Annalisa

You are part of a large educational, cultural and social project…
I think of myself as a link in a chain that serves the construction of something important for tomorrow. This allows me to work, to do certain things and drop others. There certainly is a relation to my personal educational experience in which there was no one to tell me you have to do this or that. I hope that through my work you can be spared some of my negative experiences.

What in your work do you find most gratifying?
I love it when, after having explained this or that to you, I can see that you got it and therefore you live my office with a smile on your face. I enojoy the moments when your efforts and suffering has brought you to a successful conclusion of your studies. Some of you arrive young, vulnerable, shy. They are afraid of asking, of making mistakes. To see you leave this place happy, with a wide smile over your face, that is a beautiful experience. To see that you have grown to become someone, ready for the mission that will be entrusted to you, that is really satisfying!